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Author Name: Ric & Liz Thompson

Product Cost: $7 + $19.97 a month

Upsells: Vitality, Prosperity, Love

Front-end Commissions: 75%

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Average Sale Value: $227.07
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Email 1 - General Audience
Subj: What's your sign?

Hey firstname!

If you're like me, you get a kick out of going through those short quizzes to find things out like what Harry Potter character you'd be or Greek god / goddess, what evil movie character you are, what super hero costume fits the best, or even for the more adventurous what your stripper name would be.

So when my friend shared <link>this one</link> I couldn't resist and WOW it's the coolest one yet - probably because it was uncanny what it revealed about me.

Go ahead, see what your <link>Cosmic Energy Profile</link> is.

It will be faster to take it than for me to explain it :-)

Email 2 - Spiritual/New Age
Subj: Your destiny revealed?

You probably know what your astrological sign is right? Almost everyone does.

You may have checked out numerology, iChing and other things.

But have you gotten your <link>Cosmic Energy Profile </link> yet?

Not only does it show cool things about you as a person, but better yet, it helps you understand what you are here on this planet to do in this lifetime.

Seriously! Definitely things that I have not seen in ANY other system I've tried (and I think I've tried them all).

<link>Check it out now</link> and see if you're as blown away as I am.

Email 3
Subj: More secrets hidden in your birthdate?


I'm betting you already know what astrological sign you are. Most everyone does.

And you probably know some of your family and best friends signs too.

Pretty cool to have a little insight into the natural tendencies of yourself and people around you right?

I know it's been fun AND helpful to me.

So are you ready to <link>go WAY beyond "normal" astrology</link>?

Did you know that there's a very different "cosmic calendar" that can use your birthdate to reveal even more secrets about you?

It's called the <link>Cosmic Energy Profile</link>, and while there are 12 astrological signs, this system has 260 different signs!

Go ahead, see which of the signs you are and <link>what secrets will be revealed for you!</link>

Email 4 - Personal Development
Subj: firstname's destiny


You already know that each one of us is here in this lifetime for a reason.

So the question is - would you be interested in finding out more about YOUR reason?

It's all part of a new system my friend shared with me and I'm now sharing with you...

It's called the Cosmic Energy Profile and since it's customized, it gave me some unique perspectives on my destiny I hadn't received any where else, from any other coach.

<link>Go ahead, get your Cosmic Energy Profile now</link>, and then let me know what you discovered about your destiny.

Oh, and be sure to go all the way through it - there's more the deeper you go!

Email 5
Subj: your cosmic powers


Each of us is a beautiful, unique human being capable of more than we think.

That part you already know :-)

Sometimes the problem is in finding clues to that whole "capable of more than we think" part right?

Of course!

I like to think of the untapped potential as "cosmic powers", and every time I crack open the door a little more into what mine are - my whole life makes a quantum leap forward.

So when my friend told me about the Cosmic Energy Profile system and how it can shed light on what my personal "cosmic powers" are - I was super excited!

Well, hey, I'm not going to bore you with everything it told about me - especially since I'm still going through it all (it's awesome!) - I'm just going to suggest you <link>grab your own</link> right now.

<link>Cosmic Energy Profile</link>

Dive in and let me know what you found out about your cosmic powers!

Email 6
Subj: Open up, it's me your destiny


We don't normally talk you and I.

But hey, let's face it, nobody really gets to talk to their destiny directly.

You're supposed to just go through a journey all your life to discover on your own what I am.

But every once in a while, you've gotten a clue here and there. Just a hint right?

So now I'm going to bend the rules of the universe a bit and come right out and <link>give you some more clues.</link>

All you have to do is go <link>get your custom Cosmic Energy Profile.</link>

It's not only going to confirm some things you know about yourself, (and some things you had a suspicion about) but it's also going to reveal big chunks about <link>WHY you're here on this planet in this lifetime.</link>

Now I am bending some rules here, so don't let my suggestion go to waste. After all, you don't want to have to wander through the rest of your life without knowing what I am for you right?

Your Destiny

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