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Author Name: Ric & Liz Thompson

Initial Sale: $15.99 with FREE S&H

Upsells: 3 upsells (with some downsells)

Front-end Commissions: 75%

Back-end Commissions: 75% on all digital sales (including lifetime on rebills! )and 50% on physical sales due to higher costs.
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Email #1 
To Be Used For: Sacred Geometry Pendant Promo

Includes: 1 Image, 1 FIRSTNAME
Image to be used:
SUBJECT: secret symbol used by Da Vinci, Mozart, and Tesla


Most people don’t know this, but there was a secret symbol that Leonardo Da Vinci, Mozart, and Nikola Tesla all used for inspiration and guidance when creating their famous works.

Today, I want to show you what it is.

Just so you know, there’s a reason I’m sending this to YOU.

I wouldn’t want everyone to know about this. But -
I believe that you actually may be one of those rare ones who have the potential to be a genius.

Can’t explain here, but if you turn this paper over, you’ll see why:
Please use this information wisely.

                   - YOUR NAME
Email #2
To Be Used For: Sacred Geometry Pendant Promo

Includes: 0 Image, 1 FIRSTNAME

SUBJECT: what they call you


You know how they call you “imaginative” and “creative” even when you’re not sure what they’re talking about?

You know how you’ve always had that feeling that you’re here to do or created something very special during your lifetime?

This is why.

It’s also why you haven’t quite been able to live up to what you KNOW you can do.

But that’s about to change.
         - YOUR NAME
Email #3 
To Be Used For: Sacred Geometry Pendant Promo

Includes: 0 Image, 1 FIRSTNAME
Image to be used:

SUBJECT: feeling blocked? do this.


Have you been feeling a bit “blocked” lately - like your usual energy, creativity, and intuition are just not what they should be, and you don’t know why?

You’re not alone.

Thousands of people have been reporting feeling this same kind of “closed door” on their normal abilities.

You, however, don’t have to stay here.

There is a secret symbol that geniuses through the ages have used at times like these - to unlock a seemingly endless source of inspiration and creative wellspring.

This is what it is.

If I were you, I would look into using it as soon as possible.

You have far, FAR too many incredible things you are destined to create in this lifetime, to be held up by a block like this!

       - YOUR NAME
Email #4 
To Be Used For: Sacred Geometry Pendant Promo

Includes: 0 Image, 1 FIRSTNAME

SUBJECT: that little voice (was right)


You know that quiet little voice you hear in the back of your head, that says you’re meant to do something special in this lifetime?

Well - it is right.

I know you tend to be modest by nature. But…

This kind of thing doesn’t happen for everyone. If it’s happened to you, there’s a REASON.

It’s because you really were born with a special calling (which you may or may not understand yet).

You were born with a purpose.

An ability to show people something through art, writing, music, or maybe even science...which has never been seen before...yet will one day become extremely important.

You are unique.

But you’re not alone.

You have company.

Here’s who they are, and the secret symbol that they have all used to bring their visions into reality.

Today, I believe you should have the same thing they did.

I want to see what will happen when YOU hold this in the palm of your hand.

            -YOUR NAME
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