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Author Name: Ric & Liz Thompson

Product Cost: $0 with $11.95 S&H

Upsells: Mindset, UniversalLaws, MaximumManifest

Front-end Commissions: 60%

Back-end Commissions: Mindset Transformation Program @ 50% commission, Universal Laws Package w/ 50% commission, Maximum Manifestation Bundle w/ 50% commission
Marketing Materials:
300 x 250
728 x 90
468 x 60
160 x 600

1. There are images included, put the images where indicated, sized at 500px. Be sure to LINK the IMAGES to the Sales Page (same as other links). If an image would be better taken from your original files, please do so but do not alter the image.

2. Format the font and linebreaks in these emails exactly as you normally do. However be sure to keep all punctuation, caps, no-caps, etc. exactly as I have them here, including in the subjects (In other words do not "fix" things - it is all intentional).

3. BOLDING indicates text to be hyperlinked to the sales page (make all links bold please).

4. Be sure to put the text indicated as the FROMLINE when you send (rather than your usual company or from name) - but ALWAYS use your normal ‘from’ email address.

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Email #1 
To Be Used For: Sacred Geometry Pendant Promo
Drives to: Sacred Geometry Front End Sales Page
Purpose: Get clicks over to sales page of product at free plus shipping offer
Includes: 1 Image, 2 {!firstname_fix}s.
Image to be used:
SUBJECT: a message from Da Vinci

Dear {!firstname_fix},

I hope you’re in a good place to “receive” right about now, because…
I just got a message to pass on to you that should pretty much make your day :-)

You know how sometimes you wonder if there’s really anyone “out there” who knows who you are, truly and deeply…

And actually cares about your special abilities?

Well, after getting this message, I can assure you, there is.

They are not actually “among the living” right now…

But, having some secret connections you may not know about, I am able to take messages from ANYONE in space and time. Seriously.


This one is from Da Vinci.

(Yes, painter of the Mona Lisa, creator of the first design for human wings).

Just so you know, Leonardo has been keeping an eye on you :-)

And, he says, you two have something in common.

This commonality has to do with your ability to see the world in a completely different way than most of the people around you…

And the tendency to have “visions” of creations that no one has ever seen yet.


I am supposed to send this message to you today.

He asked me to make sure you know that he is sending you this symbol today, in the form of a pendant: 
I hope you’re able to claim this package today, {!firstname_fix}.
It contains the same symbols and mathematical formulas that Da Vinci used in many of his designs…

And he believes you would benefit from having “at hand” every day, in your own creative endeavors!

Best Wishes,
Email #2
To Be Used For: Sacred Geometry Pendant Promo
Drives to: Sacred Geometry Front End Sales Page
Purpose: Get clicks over to sales page of product at free plus shipping offer
Includes: 0 Image, 2 {!firstname_fix}’s.

SUBJECT: wear this when you create things

Dear {!firstname_fix},

Here is your pendant.

Please be sure to wear it when you sit down to create new things...

Or when you’re in the need of feeling connected to “the muse.”

It will connect you to the most brilliant minds of the past three centuries...

(Just so you know, this symbol and mathematical formula was used by Da Vinci, Tesla, AND Apple when they were creating the designs that ended up changing the world).

click here to activate your “genius” pendant when you’re ready
And you will see why it’s so important to me for you to wear it (that I actually paid for one, FOR you ;-)

You have genius designs inside you, {!firstname_fix}.

This is the formula that can bring them into being.

PLEASE put in your address here so I can send you one!

Email #3 
To Be Used For: Sacred Geometry Pendant Promo
Drives to: Sacred Geometry Front End Sales Page
Purpose: Get clicks over to sales page of product at free plus shipping offer
Includes: 1 Image, 2 {!firstname_fix}’s.
Image to be used:

SUBJECT: what your parents didn’t tell you

Dear {!firstname_fix},

This is your “liason” speaking.

I have a very urgent message for you today (which I’m quite sure no one else on Earth is going to tell you about, so please read carefully).

You have an amazing (but intense) time coming up in your life.

It’s a time in which you are supposed to finally create the things you were BORN to create in this lifetime…

Which, I’m quite sure, your parents never told you about.

Probably because they never knew.

However (I know this may come as a surprise)...

You happen to have three very famous geniuses rooting for you...who DO know the types of things you have the ability to create.

These three amazing human beings were all where you were once...and they all found a mathematical symbol that allowed them to create the masterpieces they were meant to create.

And now, they want to pass this on to you.

Listen. I know you tend to be modest by nature. But…

This doesn’t happen for everyone. If it’s happened to you, there’s a REASON.

It’s because you really were born with a special calling (which you may or may not understand yet)...

You were born with a purpose, {!firstname_fix} ability to show people something through art, writing, music, or maybe even science...which has never been seen before...yet will one day become extremely important.

You are unique.

But you’re not alone.

You have people rooting for you.

I really and truly hope you get this message in time…

And that you are able to get this special item they have purchased for you secured and sent off to you today.

I know this sounds crazy…

But it will literally allow you to hold “all that ever is...ever was...or ever will be”...

In the palm of your hand.

With Great Hope,


P.S. Click the image of the Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci below to read the significance of this particular gift and why he would have wanted you to have this in the palm of your hand today: 
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