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Author Name: Ric & Liz Thompson

Initial Sale: $15.99 with Free Shipping then $19.97 monthly rebiils for Cosmic Energy Banks

Upsells: 3 Upsells with Downsells

Commissions: 75% on Digital products including lifetime rebills. 50% on physical products due to higher costs.
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Email Materials:
Energy Healing Bracelet for {!firstname_fix}

Hey {!firstname_fix},

I’ve got something REALLY COOL to share with you today.

For a limited time only, you can claim your Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet and use it to calm your mind, strengthen your body's healing energy, and make a deeper connection with The Cosmos.

Go here to claim your Energy Healing Bracelet Now

It will give you a glimpse of the how you can tap into the Universe’s power easily and effortlessly.

This also helps remove any unwanted energy that has been preventing you from receiving all the blessings you deserve.

Supplies are limited and they can all be claimed in just a couple of hours.

Grab yours before they are all gone!

Did you get your Reiki Energy Bracelet {!firstname_fix}

{!firstname_fix}, you need to see this...

My friends Ric and Liz at Healthy Wealthy nWise are offering a beautiful Energy Healing Bracelet designed to help you balance your major energy centers, protect from negative influences, and foster health and wellbeing.

Whether you're dealing with unwanted stress, illness, or just wanting to make a deeper connection with Cosmic Source Energy…

This is the secret edge you need!

Go here to claim yours now

Wear the Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet and align yourself with the life-giving vibrations of the Cosmic Source.

Hurry and claim yours today before they run out!

Email #1
To Be Used For: Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet Promo

Purpose: Get clicks over to sales page of product at $15.99
Includes: 1 Image, 2 FIRSTNAME’s.
Image to be used:

SUBJECT: the Cosmos paid your shipping :)


I hope you’re in a good place to “receive” right about now, because…

I have a message for you that should pretty much make your day :-)

Every now and then, the Cosmos takes note of someone on Earth that they feel has two things going on for them in that moment…

ONE is that they are in special need of healing energy (The Cosmos tends to recognize the signs of this when they see it)...

And TWO is that they are destined to do something very important during this lifetime, and so are doubly in need of extra energy and power!
Today, that person is YOU.

The Cosmos has picked out a bracelet for you to wear, with very specific stones, symbols, and healing properties…

And, because it is so important for you to be able to unbox and put this bracelet on soon, The Cosmos has also decided to just take care of the shipping for you!
I hope you’re able to open this package and see what’s inside today, FIRSTNAME.

You just might need it (in the days to come).

       - YOUR NAME

Email #2
To Be Used For: Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet Promo
Purpose: Get clicks over to sales page of product at $15.99
Includes: 1 Image, 2 FIRSTNAME’s.
Image to be used:

SUBJECT: how to wear your new bracelet


I am sending these instructions ahead of time, in case you decide to go ahead and accept the generosity of The Cosmos today (who has offered to pay your shipping on this beautiful healing energy bracelet for you).

So here you go :-)

How To Wear Your New Bracelet:
  • The healing energy of this bracelet is appropriate for both waking and resting energy, so you can wear it all day long, and even at night, if you wish to receive its benefits around the clock.
  • ​I just suggest that you remove it if showering or swimming, as the stones are waterproof but the metal may be prone to rust if you get it wet too often.
  • ​In order to preserve the healing energy of the bracelet, make sure you place it in a safe place such as a box, special shelf, or soft bag, where it’s inherent energywill be honored and preserved.
I suppose at this point you may want to know what your bracelet looks like, and why I am so certain that it is the perfect thing for you right now (because of it’s powerful healing properties).

So here you go.
Please take a look at that today.

And if you do, indeed, want to take advantage of the Cosmos’ magical offer to pay the shipping on this for you, so that you can start enjoying its benefits right away, just let me know here.

Thank you FIRSTNAME!

           - YOUR NAME  
Email #3
To Be Used For: Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet Promo

Purpose: Get clicks over to sales page of product at $15.99
Includes: 1 Image, 1 FIRSTNAME’s.
Image to be used:

SUBJECT: the bracelet that’s a magic portal


Have you ever heard of objects being portals to other dimensions?

There ARE a few such things in this world. For real.

The one I’m talking about now, is not actually a portal to a dimension, per se, but a portal to something called an “energy bank.”

In case you don’t know what an Energy Bank is, here’s a brief description:

An Energy Bank is a place in the Cloud, where Reiki Masters go and deposit stores of healing energy, for people to go tap into and “download” whenever they need it.
Sound incredible?

It is.

But it’s a fact of life in this amazing new, modern world we live in.
If you’d like to read more about Cosmic Energy Banks and how a simple bracelet could be the key to you tapping into one, click here.

Enjoy exploring!


P.S. Here is a picture of the bracelet that lets you tap into a Cosmic Energy Bank:
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