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Email #1
To Be Used For: East-West Astrology Promo
Drives to: http://eastwesthoroscope.com
Purpose: Get clicks over to optin page to discover their new sign
Includes: 0 Images,1 {!firstname_fix}’s.
SUBJECT: your sign is wrong

Ok {!firstname_fix}...

I already know, this is going to make you say…

“Whhhhhaaaaaa??? No way.”

So let’s just get past that, shall we? ;-)

Here’s the thing.

The Astrological “Sign” you’ve been going by all these years?

It’s not the right one.

Here’s how to find out why it’s wrong, and what your proper sign actually is.

BTW, all you need to know to do this is, what your “normal” sign is as far as you know (say, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo, you name it).

Just click on what you think your sign is on this page, and you’ll be able to see what sign you REALLY are.

Fair warning?

You’ll NEVER guess what it really is.

This is going to change everything.

(It did for me).


Email #2
To Be Used For: East-West Astrology Promo
Drives to: http://eastwesthoroscope.com
Purpose: Get clicks over to optin page to discover their new sign
Includes: 1 Image, 1 {!firstname_fix}’s.

Image to be used:
SUBJECT: quick question

Dear {!firstname_fix},

Pop quiz for you:

What’s your Astrological sign?

Ok wait…

I’m just going to let the cat out of the bag right now and let you know that, whichever one you THINK it is...you’re in for a surprise.

Because whatever you’ve been told your sign is so far...it’s only half the truth.

There should actually be TWO sides to your Birth Sign, and until now, you’ve only been able to see HALF of it.

Which means you’ve been getting incomplete information and readings basically your whole life.

Fortunately, we can correct this right now (before you get any more readings done)!

Here’s how you can find out what the other half of your sign is.

1. Click on what you THINK your sign is right now in the chart below:

2. Follow the instructions when you get there.
That’s it!

It super quick and easy.

But if you don’t do this now...you’ll never know what your “true” sign is!

Can’t wait for you to see this.

(It blew my mind - and I totally thought I knew what was up with my sign :-)

Have Fun,


Email #3
To Be Used For: East-West Astrology Promo
Drives to: Affiliate Link Here
Purpose: Get clicks over to optin page to discover their new sign
Includes: 2 Images, 3 {!firstname_fix}’s.
Image to be used:
SUBJECT: there is more to you than meets the eye, {!firstname_fix}.

Dear {!firstname_fix},

I hope you don’t mind, but this note is going to be all about you.

It’s about when you were born…

The place you were born…

Your special attributes and personal qualities…

Even some of your particular challenges in life…

But most of all…

It’s about you as a unique, one-of-a-kind human being the like of which has never been before, and will never be seen again, on this Planet.

It’s true.

YOU will never happen again, {!firstname_fix}.

Which is why it’s very important that you have all the information about who you really are, and what you’re capable of during this lifetime (which hasn’t been given to you yet. Believe me).

Oh, you’ve been given SOME of the information.
Especially if you’ve ever had readings done for your Astrological Sign in the past…

But even then, I can personally tell you that you did NOT get all the information you should have.

How do I know?

Because up to now, it’s my guess that you’ve only been given information connected to either your Eastern Sign…

...Or your Western Sign.

Right? :-)

Well guess what.

There IS another way to do it…

And a way for you to find out the TRUTH about yourself, which no one’s ever told you before.

The secret to who you really are is inside this note:

Please open that up today, follow the instructions inside, and you will (finally) know everything about who you are according to the stars, and what lies ahead in your future.

What’s coming up for you is nothing short of amazing, {!firstname_fix}.

But you should really be able to see this for yourself.
In Confidence,


Email #4
To Be Used For: East-West Astrology Promo
Drives to: Affiliate Link Here
Purpose: Get clicks over to optin page to discover their new sign
Includes: 2 Images, 3 {!firstname_fix}’s.
Image to be used:
SUBJECT: the real you (unveiled)
Dear {!firstname_fix},
I am so excited for you today.

You see, I have discovered completely new way of understanding your true essence and place in the world, and it all starts with the day you were born.

On the day you were born, the stars aligned…

And created a picture of you, who you are and what is coming up for you in your lifetime…

It’s a NEW kind of Astrology Sign...

That is completely unique (and quite stunning).

In fact, this picture of who you are according to the stars, is so unique that you only share it with 0.69% of the population of the Planet!

The most exciting thing about this is that it brings together two ancient systems, that for the first time ever, have been united into one -

For the sole purpose of diving who you truly are.

You see, in the past the only way to look at your Birth Sign and what it means for your personality, your future, and the choices you can make were ONE of two different ways.

The worlds of Astrology were divided.

You could either look at yourself through Chinese Astrology - which is very “inward,” practical, useful for everyday decisions and based on the Lunar cycles…

OR you could look at yourself through Western Astrology - which is more “outward” and mystical, useful for spiritual guidance, and based on the Solar cycles…

And you had to choose (which left one side of you completely un-interpreted!)

But now, that’s all changed.

Because finally, there’s a way to look at BOTH sides…the practical and the spiritual, the inward and the outward, the Solar and the Lunar…

You can see ALL aspects of yourself, represented completely, with nothing left out...

All at one time, in one Sign.

This is the Real You, {!firstname_fix}!

And it’s beautiful.

It’s truly revolutionary.

They are able to create this first ever complete picture of your Star Sign by combining the Solar and Lunar calendars (yes, it was complicated, if you’re wondering)...

Basing everything on your exact birth date and time, and the physical place you were born.

So, here’s what this means for you now...

You now have the first opportunity ever to see both the Western and the Eastern description of the attributes of your sign, which will be combined into one WHOLE picture of your aspect.

In order to see what YOUR true combined East-West Astrological Sign looks like, just click on the Sign you currently go by: 
...And they’ll do the rest!

BTW, I had mine done and it’s so worth it! :-)

Enjoy the (free) process,


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