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Email 1
To Be Used For: Praktical Magick Quiz Promo
Drives to: http://whatsmymagicktype.com
Includes: 2 Images, 2 [FIRSTNAME]

Subj: what’s your magick type [FIRSTNAME]?

{Put Magick signs image here at top of email]}


Did you know that there is a way to find out what “magick type” you are - in 60 seconds?

This quiz reveals whether you have TRUE magickal abilities...or not!

(And if you do, how to use them ;-)

Find out now if you have magickal abilities - and which Element YOUR powers come from: 

{Put Start My Quiz image here}

It’s an easy, multiple choice picture test - and you will know your Magick Type instantly!
This secret knowledge could literally alter your life once you know how to use it (so I think it’s worth it ;-)


Email 2
To Be Used For: Praktical Magick Quiz Promo
Drives to: http://whatsmymagicktype.com
Includes: 3 Images, 1 [FIRSTNAME]

SUBJECT: your magick

{Put Magick Eye image here at top of email}


I’ve thought, for a long time, that you had magickal abilities.

Now, I know it’s true. How?

Because I looked into the future, and I saw you taking this test

And you aced it.

{Put Magick signs image here}

{Put Start My Quiz image here}

If you want to see what I saw, hit the button above and take the quiz now (it takes 60 seconds and consists of clicking on some sets of pictures).

Let’s see if the future tells the truth.


Email 3
To Be Used For: Praktical Magick Quiz Promo
Drives to: http://whatsmymagicktype.com
Includes: 3 Images, 1 [FIRSTNAME]

SUBJECT: the truth about you

{Put Magic User image here]


Have you ever had this funny feeling that you “might” have magickal abilities?

But you can’t quite put your finger on how they work...or where they come from?

Guess what.

You’re right.

You DO have a hidden ability to do magick - but the one thing that’s been missing for you is knowing exactly what “type” you are, and how to USE your Element to activate your powers:

{Put Magick signs image here}

I challenge you to take this 60 second quiz today, and find out once and for all!

It will show you, when it comes to your natural, inborn magickal ability...

Which type are you? 

You can find out right now in literally 60 seconds: 

 {Put Start My Quiz image here}

Word to the wise: what you do with your results will make a HUGE difference for you this year!

But if you don’t even find out, you’ll never know “what” you are (and how to use it to your advantage).

Email 4
To Be Used For: Praktical Magick Quiz Promo 
Drives to: http://whatsmymagicktype.com
Includes: 2 Image, 1 [FIRSTNAME]
SUBJECT: how to do magick (for real)


Okay, this is incredibly exciting.

There’s finally a REAL way to find out:

         1. Whether you have any magickal ability and

         2. Which Element your abilities stem from:

{Put Magick signs image here}

If you truly want to be able to do magick (for real), take the 60 second quiz now: 

 {Put Start My Quiz image here}

You will be asked to pick from 5 sets of pictures with one quick click each - and then you will know, once and for all:

“am I really magickal?”

The answer may surprise you.

And once you find out what it is, there’s NO LIMIT to what you can do.


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