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Hey {!firstname_fix},

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Did you get your Spiritual Connection Pendant {!firstname_fix}

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My friends Ric and Liz have a beautiful Spiritual Connection Pendant designed to help you connect with your spirituality, center your being, and foster good health and wellbeing.

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To Be Used For: Spirit Tree Promo
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Includes: 1 Image, 1 {!firstname_fix}’s.
Image to be used:

SUBJECT: best news ever

Dear {!firstname_fix},

All right...I get it.

You probably haven’t had a very good experience with “news” lately.

And no wonder! I don’t blame you if you’re feeling a bit down, helpless, or discouraged.


I actually have some very good news for you today.

Here’s the scoop.

Even if you think you can’t make a difference…

If you’re feeling overwhelmed...

If you’re not sure what to do…

You’re not alone.

However, you don’t need to stay there. You can actually shift your whole mindset right now, just by taking action and doing something very simple to make a difference.

Because there is one very clear thing you can do right now.

And the truth is, if you’ll just focus on this one thing…

You don’t really have to bother trying to “figure out” what to do.

The best part is, this is something I want you to do for yourself! (But it’s not selfish in any way).

Because, if you can just focus on doing this one thing, it will end up making a big difference for those around you, and yes, can even help heal the planet.
What is this one thing?

Well, you need a small but powerful tool to do it, and I can’t really explain how to do it here.

But if you click on the envelope below, I’ll show you what it entails:
I hope that you will consider doing that today, {!firstname_fix}.

I’m going to get as many people as I can to join you (incuding me). 

Because when I imagine hundreds, or even thousands of people all doing this…

I get the goosebumps.

Because I can only imagine the kind of shift towards GOOD that this could make happen.


       - YOUR NAME

Email #2 (Ready to send)
To Be Used For: Spirit Tree Promo

Includes: 1 Image, 1 {!firstname_fix}’s.
Image to be used:

SUBJECT: a message from GAIA (for {!firstname_fix})

Pssst {!firstname_fix}.

Are you listening?

For real?

(I’m only asking because I don’t normally write emails).

This is a message from Gaia.

In case you’re wondering who that is, here’s a reminder (some humans have forgotten).

I am a prescence, a whole being, made up of the collective consciousness of the plants and animals on Earth, along with that of Human Beings, and even that of the soil and rocks under your feet.

Think about that for a moment.

I’ve been around ever since your beautiful planet formed and started looking like it might be capable of sustaining Life.

As soon as that happened, I was born.

I am Gaia: the will to live...the lifeforce...a single, aware being made up of multiple beings, and I have one drive and motivation only:

The continuation of self-regulating, healthy Life on Earth.

I know: the concept might seem a bit far fetched at the moment :-)

But there’s a light in the darkness.

You see, just the fact that I exist, shows that there are forces here working toward GOOD that most are not aware of…

And most will never understand.

But I believe that YOU understand.

I believe that you know the truth:

That everything is connected.

That only by healing yourselves, can you heal the Planet.

Because, from my perspective, you ARE The planet!

Every speck, every tree, every budding consciousness on Earth is as important as the rest…

And everyone, at every moment, has the choice to choose Life and Health, over Dark and Sickness.

You are part of a vast, living network of cells, fibers, thoughts, and yes even water and stones.

Which means:

What you do truly matters.

Will you answer my call today?

Will you step forward and do just one small thing to push your planet towards life, and away from despair?

Good. Because I have something REAL - not something imaginary or wishy-washy, you can do for me today.

The best part about what I am about to ask you to do is:

It’s actually for YOU.

But don’t worry: it only looks that way on the surface.

Because if you can do this one thing (and if hundreds of others do it too) it will have a rippling effect, that will move through the consciousness of the entire planet.

Everything does, you know ;-)

Ok here’s what you need to do.

That’s it. I can’t tell you any more about it until you go see what it is for yourself.

I hope you will do this today.

And, coincidentally, I hope you will experience love and joy as you do.
Because that is incredibly important to the balance of life.


P.S. I must confess, although I am an all-powerful Force of Nature, I still have a hard time with human technology (I know, go figure, right?). So anyway...my very good friend YOUR NAME helped me get this to you today...whew!

Glad THAT’S taken care of.

Now...to figure out where we left that cold cup of coffee this morning...

     ;-) The Cosmos

P.S. I must confess, although I have access to things like Time Portals...it’s still hard for me to send physical emails over the internet. (I know, go figure, right?). So anyway...my very good Human friends Ric & Liz helped me get this to you today...thanks guys!

Email #3 (Ready to send)
To Be Used For: Spirit Tree Promo 

Includes: 1 Image, 1 {!firstname_fix}’s.
Image to be used:

SUBJECT: these are only being sent to certain people

Dear {!firstname_fix},

I’m writing because you’re on the list of a certain type of person who I am supposed to make sure receives this certain type of “tool” today.

It’s meant to create a shift in the energy and consciousness of the world, so I suppose that’s why She asked me to filter people out for various reasons.

(“She” is Gaia - the Spirit of Life On Earth, made up of all consciousness that exists on the planet, in case you’re wondering. Yes, she asks me for small favors sometimes :-)

Anyway - you made it through the screening process so I guess that means you should have an opportunity to get one of these.

Click to open the silver box below and see what it is: 
If you don’t want one (or are not sure if you’re the right person to use it) please send it on to someone you believe will be able to fulfill its purpose there on Earth.

Thank you for taking the time to consider being a carrier of the Light.

           - YOUR NAME
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