Want to start your OWN email list in the spiritual/new age space?
Or explosively increase the one have? Want to earn immediate and residual commissions from all those leads?
If you're saying YES! And YES!...
You're in the right place
It's like getting paid to build your own email list!
We want to work with you if you:
  • Have a Clickbank account
  • ​Can put together a simple optin page (or have one put together for you)
  • ​Use an email system that can forward from contents to an external thank you page (Aweber, Keap, GetResponse, etc.)
Sound easy enough?
If so, here's what we're going to GIVE you.
Yes, GIVE.
What I’m about to tell you, we could easily package up and sell for a very pretty penny. $997? $1997? More?

After all, what would it be worth to you to have a proven system to generate a huge list and get paid to do it?

But for YOU, if you can handle a few small techie tasks and want to build your own list in the spiritual / new age space we’re going to just hand it to you on a silver platter:
  • Instructions on how to turn an optin form of yours to a commission producing machine running 24 hours a day
  • ​​A complete AutoResponder series of emails ready for you to customize with your clickbank affiliate link - (written by the same pro copywriter who writes our emails) that will lead your new optins to offers proven compatible to these leads
What could you do with this?
Well, we started this sales funnel with an opt-in system back in October of 2016. Since then we’ve built up an active email list of over 300k and it has become the backbone of a multi-year Clickbank Platinum level business.

Of course, my results are my results. No one else’s and I can’t nor won’t guarantee any results at all for you. 

What you do is completely up to you - I CAN give you all this stuff but I can’t do it all for you too, I’ve got my own business to run :-)

Ok ready to get started?
Here's how it works:
1. You have your OWN opt-in page hosted in a system that can forward the opt-in info an external thank you page (you don’t even need your own thank you page). (You need to collect name, email and birthday) NOTE: Birthday must be separated into (MM, DD and YYYY fields)

2. You set the opt-in page to forward to this URL:

NOTE: Be sure to put your affiliate ID in that link or you won’t get paid by Clickbank

3. The prospect’s info will be added to YOUR autoresponder 

4. The prospect will then land in the Cosmic Energy Profile system giving them a personalized free reading (optin yourself at to see what they will see after they opt-in on your page)

5. Since the prospect is going through your clickbank link, you’ll earn 75% commissions on everything they buy (including lifetime commissions on rebills!)
But wait there's more!
Couldn't resist but hey, it's not like I'm selling you, I'm GIVING you all this!
What happens next?

That prospect in your autoresponder system will then start receiving the emails you’ve loaded up that we’ve given you. A complete email series designed to promote tested and compatible offers to continue to make you commissions for days and weeks to come!

You can see why we said we could package this and sell it right?

So why aren’t we?
Well, if it’s not obvious,
this is totally a win-win-win situation…
  • You win because you get to build a list and earn commissions a ton of different ways with minimal effort.
  • ​Since all of your new optins are also being sent to, we win too.
  • ​And all the subscribers are getting that free reading right away - so they win too!
Full Directions and the materials you
need are at the bottom but first let’s tackle a few
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q: Will this work with any optin page builder or email system?

    A: No. It must be able to support sending the form contents to an external thank you page. Many systems (Aweber, Keap, GetResponse etc,.) can but some can't There are too many systems out there for us to know them all so you may have to do some quick research yourself or simply ask the support team for your platform if they have this functionality.
NOTE: If your system DOES pass the form data and the system does not work after you build your opt-in page, reach out to Ric directly:
  • Q: What does the optin page need to look like?

    A: It’s your opt-in page so whatever you want. All we require is that it does NOT contain any branding for and DOES contain some sort of “Legal Links” or “Terms & Conditions” link to a page where you’re explaining what you’re going to do with the opt-ins. (You'll need that if you are going to do any paid media and you should have it anyways).
Here's an example opt-in page you can copy:

  • ​Q: Can I send more emails to the list than what you gave me?

    A: Of course - it’s YOUR list! I would definitely put more emails into the system as you find other great offers. That way you’ll keep making new commissions month after month!
Ok so that’s everything I can think of that you’ll need right now. Go ahead and get started with the directions below. I look forward to seeing you building that list and earning those commissions!

    Setting up Your System

    I) Design / Build the optin page:

    You can design it to look however you want it to look. Remember that after opting in, the person will be receiving the free reading at so don’t put any text on the page that will confuse them. You can opt-in yourself at yourself to see what they will see after they opt-in.

    Here's an example opt-in page you can copy:

    The MOST important part is the opt-in form itself. It MUST have these fields:


    It's NOT important if you use a page builder with a native form OR you use a form from an email system. All that's important is you have a system that you like and can support forwarding the form contents to an external thank you page.

    NOTE: If your system does NOT allow you to control exactly what the fields are named - no worries. Some systems we're already prepared for. If your system isn't one of them, we'll just need to know what the fields are called and we can adjust our script to accomodate what you use (as long as you DO have those 5 fields in the form AND your platform supports forwarding the form contents to an external thank you page.

    NOTE For Aweber users: Name your custom field "Birthday" BEFORE you add it to the form using the form builder.

    If you would like to have an HTML page either to host OR to upload into your WordPress site, here's one for you already done:

    WordPress Import instructions:
    1. login to WP dashboard
    2. Go to Pages > Add new
    3. On the left hand side we see the blocks, search for and choose file.
    4. Upload the HTML file from above
    5. Copy the URL. This will be your HTML optin page

    II) Set the “Thank You Page” to this URL:

    Remember to put YOUR Clickbank Affiliate ID in that link
    IMPORTANT: That link ONLY works with the data being sent to it via the form. It will NOT work just by clicking on it (because it is providing the free report - it needs the birthday info for instance to create the report).
    III) Change any settings needed to make sure the system will send the opt-in form contents to the external thank you link. 

    IV) TEST your new form

    You should be able to go to your new form, fill it out, submit it and have it smoothly take you to your free reading inside of If you get an error page, alert me directly:
    Let me know what the error is and what system you’re using.

    Oh and check your list system - did it add the name and email to your list? If not, there’s a problem you need to fix inside of your page. NOTE: This is NOT something I can help with, you’ll need to contact Support for your platform.
    V) Add in the autoresponder emails

    We did the hard part - we paid a pro copywriter a ton of money over the years to produce emails like this you just have to get them loaded into your system (or pay a VA to do it).

    REMEMBER: Those emails need YOUR Clickbank Affiliate ID put in every link or you won’t earn commissions.

    Here is a Google Doc with all the email swipes:

    TIP: Go to the Edit Menu and Select "Find and Replace". Find: "YOURCBID" and Replace with your actual Clickbank ID. Presto! All the emails will be customized with your link and ready to be put into your autoresponder system.

    Tip #2: You do NOT need to load all of them up before you start promoting and earning commissions. Just load the first few up to buy you a few days and then as long as you stay ahead of your new subscribers you can load the rest up whenever you want!
    VI) Send Traffic

    However you already send traffic will work - this step is up to you. 

    If you have an email list already, we’ve got affiliate swipe emails all set and ready for you to use on the Affiliate Tools page:

    If you want to use paid media, check out that same FB and Google resources on the affiliate page.

    Pretty much anyone interested in Astrology, Fortune Telling, psychics or related interests will be interested in this offer (and then the compatible offers being promoted in your email series!)

    If you’re looking to buy clicks try out the traffic Harris Fellman has. You’ll probably want to try his Personal Development (PD) traffic at
    VII) Check your commissions

    Now here’s where things get interesting :-)

    The offer at is built on a subscription model. There’s a low priced front end bundled with a $19.97 a month subscription. You are already whitelisted for 75% commissions for life of the subscription. What this means is that commissions are going to be low in the beginning, and build month after month. There are upsells and you get 75% of those too right up front.

    THEN, if you’ve loaded up your autoresponder emails right, they’ll start going out automatically and drive all your new leads to multiple compatible offers. So over time, you’re going to earn more commissions from more offers while the rebills from keep coming in!

    SO, don’t obsess over the first few days of stats. Make sure you are getting stats (which shows everything working) and then just continue to come back to check from time to time over the coming weeks and months. You’ll start seeing your efforts produce results that just build and build over time as you drive more traffic into the system and those leads work their way through the whole automated email series.
    That’s it!

    Enjoy your new list, your automated commissions and the joy your increased bottom line in your business brings you and your family.

    I look forward to seeing a ton of commissions being sent your way!
    Ric Thompson
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